Do You Know What It Is Like to Be Homeless?

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Nothing, and I mean nothing, prepares you for homelessness. Everyone is only about 3 months away from being homeless. Lose your job, 3 months behind with your rent or mortgage, lose your car, and before you know it, here it comes! This is a reality because most everyday folk today have no more than $500 in savings. Just to let you know what you should expect, here is a list of what to consider:

1 — No smiles. People don’t even look at you, never mind smile. It makes you feel invisible.

2 — No food. Have you ever gone without food for weeks? It destroys any self-esteem you may have left to eat out of trash cans.

3 — No money. Therefore, no deodorant, no soap, no towel, no razors, no food, no underwear, no meds, no . . ., no . . . ‘ no . . . etc

4 — No laundry. No clean clothing leads to sores and illness.

5 — No heat or air conditioning. Winters in deep snow and summers in over 100-degree heat can cause mental and physical health problems you never even thought of before.

6 — No doctors or dentists. No therapy. The sicker and more unhealthy you become, the more your emotional health deteriorates.

7 — No entertainment. Only yourself, your own thoughts. Take it from me; everyone needs stimulation from others and not just themselves. You’re not as funny as you think you are.

8 — No safety. At no time whatsoever are you ever safe. No protection. No doors mean little or broken sleep. No sleep means ill health—only constant fear.

9 — No one to laugh, cry, or talk to. You experience not only loneliness but also aloneness. No laughing, crying, or talking will soon lead to a sense of unworthiness.

10 — No end and no future. You live your life in the past. Homelessness is a place not unlike a bucket half-filled with stinking oil. No matter the smell or pain, it seems impossible to get out. How's that for your mental health?

Along with the above 10 no’s, I did find 3 plenties!

1 — Plenty of mice and other critters. I always woke up with mice running over me and around me. Does it make you feel good? No.

2 — Plenty of reading. That is, if the library will allow you to stay and read. I learned the word autodidact at the library!

3 — Plenty of walking. Not eating and walking constantly keeps you thin. I was the lightest I ever was as an adult. I did lose over 60 pounds. Not recommended as a diet, though!

What is the biggest and most dangerous issue with being homeless? No Touch!

No touch. Did you know without touch in your life, you can die? Touching others is something we are taught and introduced to as a baby. It continues throughout childhood. As an adult, hugs, kisses, and holding hands stimulate our happy juices! We know we are loved and cared for. It gives us all a sense of worth and a place in the society we live in. Not being touched will eventually lead to depression and suicide. Please take my word for it. Don’t try this at home, folks.



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Steve Arrowsmith MA


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