EQUAL RIGHTS: What The Hell Is Wrong With Everyone? It's Not Pie!

Photo by That's Her Business on Unsplash

Everyone says they are not racist. Everyone says they are not sexist. Everyone says they are not homophobic. Do you get my drift? Everyone spouts John Lennon and well known Beatles lyrics, "All you need is love . . . love is all you need." Religions worldwide proffer, teach, instruct, and even spew that loving your neighbor is the way to live your short life on Earth. You still with me?

At the same time, just about everyone also says . . . I feel sorry for him/her/them, BUT . . . Yes, the BUT word. Sometimes we make it sound better by inserting the HOWEVER word instead. It's wrong BUT, or it's terrible, HOWEVER . . .

I have been fortunate during 2021 to have spent time both in the USA and the United Kingdom. I have constantly heard in both fine countries and no doubt throughout the rest of the world, people express their love and kindness for others. Sadly, when any particular group of people need support or 'love' because of their circumstances, we often don't want to solve the problem but stop it. And hope in doing so, we think, the issue will then fade away or disappear.

We love people, and we want everyone to be safe, to be comfortable, to eat. We want terrified refugees to be helped. BUT . . . HOWEVER?

As has happened throughout history, people relocate throughout the planet due to war, genocide, starvation, or even to better themselves. Of course, it's always wise to know your history or one can be hypocritical without being aware of it. For example, much is said of others looking for a better life coming into our own country, often for a good reason. And yet, I am sure that Native Americans and Canadians, Native Aborigines, Native Africans, Native Indians, and Asians . . . all thought the same as we do when we poured into their countries and made their land our own.

Most of us want racism to stop, most of us want our children and grandchildren to be safe from discrimination. Most of us want every child worldwide to be safe. As we approach Christmas time, we often express that peace in the world is our desire. Is it possible even? Do we have to give away our rights so that others can obtain the same? Did you have to love your first child any less because you had a second or third child? Of course not! Likewise, for others around you to obtain rights and privileges, you do not have to lose yours. It's not pie!



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