Love Your Job But Don’t Love Your Company!

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Do more? How to do more? Multitasking. More time and more effort, please, if you are lucky. Pay raise 1%, assignments raise 15%. Stay longer. Do more. Don’t forget the American work ethic is central to your existence!

Okay, the intro is tongue-in-cheek. But you all get my point. I did the above and much more with the job I loved until I discovered my company didn’t love me. I was shocked, even horrified. How could this be? Were they not happy with what I did yesterday? Were they not happy with what I was doing today? They are only satisfied if I could do more tomorrow. Eventually, you are unable to do more.


1 — All work is neverending; it’s all part of a more extensive process.

2 — While your job is essential, so too is your family. Your family is vital.

3 — You did not attend college and studied long and hard to be a cog in a machine.

4 — Life is not only about work. No, it isn’t. It would be best if you had time for relaxing, exercising, socializing, and having fun. If you are to grow as a person, you need to be well-rounded and emotionally fit.

5 — If, or should I say when, you trip up in life, neither your boss nor your client will offer you a helping hand; your family and friends will.



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Steve Arrowsmith MA

Steve Arrowsmith MA

I live &write on two continents ⚽🏈 teacher, coach, and writer. Religious cults/Mormonism are my main interests. Contact me at