British Teenage Gold Bible Discoverer Says He Is A Prophet!

Steve Arrowsmith MA
4 min readSep 11, 2022


Queens Park, Crewe by Krzysztof Such


British teenager Johnny Gould, from Crewe in Cheshire, makes it official!

The teen shouted this afternoon that the mysterious Angel Kiraman told him that God had given Johnny divine magical powers to translate the gold plates he found last week in Crewe Park.

Ignoring his mother's advice to be quiet, Johnny stood on the rock that had previously hidden the golden bible for centuries unknown and shouted that he, Johnny Gould was now officially a modern-day prophet!

By Crewe Photographer, Steve Clarke

Amusement appeared to be the reaction for many listening or walking their dogs in the park. However, a small group of young adults and teens were very enthusiastic. They cheered his name, and some knelt and prayed.

After the event, a Crewe Chronicle local reporter said that Johnny Gould had allowed the gold plates to be photographed! However, under a gold cloth because the gold plates were 'sacred.' His followers and believers had no issue with what seemed extremely suspect. Many others accused Johnny Gould of trickery. The teen, in his defense, stated he was an honest, good boy, just as his mother had reported. As he had only limited schooling because of his mental health challenges, Johnny said he wasn't clever enough to think up such a plan, and God told him to keep the plates covered.

‘Sacred Plates of Gold’ Found By Johnny Gould

When asked by the group of local reporters what would happen next, Johnny Gould insisted that “at these end of days times, God had sent divine scripture to show how his chosen British people were to return to Heaven.”

An old lady from the back of the gathering crowd yelled that Johnny was a false prophet. The teen stood atop the rock again and yelled at the top of his voice that the end of the world was around the corner and it was urgent the golden plates were…



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